Equity Fund

Equity Fund is a mutual fund that invests principally in stocks. Stock mutual funds are principally categorized according to company size, the investment style of the holdings in the portfolio and geography: Size is determined by a company’s market capitalization, while the investment style, reflected in the fund’s stock holdings, is also used to categorize equity mutual funds.

Stock funds are also categorized by whether they are domestic (India) or international. These can be broad market, regional or single-country funds.There are so-called “specialty” stock funds that target business sectors such as Infrastructure, Banking, FMCG etc.

Integrity Advisory offers a very wide variety of Equity mutual funds. Every mutual fund company will carry at least one diversified equity mutual fund that invests in the stock markets.

There are different varieties of equity mutual funds in the market. Some of the popular equity fund categories are

  • Large cap funds
  • Small and mid-cap funds
  • Multi-cap funds
  • Thematic funds
  • Tax saving funds
  • Equity oriented hybrid funds

The aim of growth funds is to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long- term. Such schemes normally invest a major part of their corpus in equities. Such funds have comparatively high risks. These schemes provide different options to the investors like dividend option, capital appreciation, etc. and the investors may choose an option depending on their preferences. The investors must indicate the option in the application form. The mutual funds also allow the investors to change the options at a later date. Growth schemes are good for investors having a long-term outlook seeking appreciation over a period of time.