Real Estate Advisory

If you believe in India’s growth story and planning an investment into Real Estate,we will be happy to help you. We work with our partners to evaluate various properties for you taking into account your specific needs. We work with our partners to provide you with expert advice on all real estate related matters including purchasing, selling, investing, getting a property on lease or leasing your property.

Finding property.

We assist you in getting the most competitive rates and personalized guidance, right from searching for the right property to the close of the sale.

Selling property.

We also give you relevant guidance and advice on selling property and finding a suitable buyer.

Facilitate the transaction.

If you are interested in ready/secondary property purchase/sale, we assist you in finding a buyer/seller, doing the necessary paperwork and providing you with other transactional support. In case you are interested in leasing property/ getting a property on lease etc, we work with our partner to help you through the entire process