Life Insurance

At Integrity,we offer range of attractive solutions to address your specific objectives and you can continue to celebrate life without worrying about the uncertainities of life

We design solutions that suits you best depends on many factors, such as your insurance objectives, your income, assets, liabilities, number of dependent members in your family and family expense.

Plans offered by us are categorized as:

Life Insurance:

Life is beautiful, but also uncertain. Whatever you do, however smart and hard you work, you are never sure what life has in store for you. It is therefore important that you do notleave anything to chance, especially ‘life insurance’. So know it better over here and secure your life at the earliest.

A wide range of vehicles are available to fund future financial goals. These could be low risk-low return instruments like bank deposits and small savings, or higher risk products such as equity, which can offer potentially higher returns. Insurance scores over other investment vehicles in a number of aspects.

Advantages of Life Insurance:

Assured Financial Goals

Once a goal has been identified and a value for it has been crystallized, an insurance policy is an excellent vehicle to fund the goal. This is because one can be rest assured that even in the unfortunate event of death or even critical illness, the sum assured will fund a future goal of the policyholder.

Tax Exemption

Maturity benefits of most insurance policies are tax free under Section 10 (10D) and the premium paid is eligible for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Multiple options based upon needs

Depending on the time horizon of the goal, the return required and the investor's risk appetite, a broad spectrum of asset allocations between equity and debt is possible in a Unit Linked Plan. An investor may tailor his policy to suit his requirement.

Disciplined Approach

Very often an insurance policy is taken for a specific goal. This therefore can become a deterrent against utilizing these funds for any other purpose and also encourages continued contributions.