ULIPsare a category of goal-based financial solutions that combine the safety of insurance protection with wealth creation opportunities. To help you fulfill your long term dreams, Integrity presents you a wide range of ULIPs so that you continue to enjoy your Life!

What is ULIP:

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a product offered by insurance companies that unlike a pure insurance policy gives investors the benefits of both insurance and investment under a single integrated plan.

ULIPs are long term investment cum protection plans that offer you an opportunity of availing market linked returns while providing life insurance protection. Depending on your risk appetite, you have the option of choosing from host of funds having varied degree of risk exposure. Flexibility and transparency are some of the other attractive features that make ULIPs an attractive long term investment option.

In ULIPs, a part of the investment goes towards providing you life cover. The residual portion of the ULIP is invested in a fund which in turn invests in stocks or bonds; the value of investments alters with the performance of the underlying fund opted by you.

How ULIPs work:

When you pay a premium amount , your premium is allocated under following categories:

Key Features of ULIPs:

  • Flexibility of investment amounts: Mutual fund investors have the option of either making lump sum investments or investing using the systematic investment plan (SIP)
  • Modifying asset allocation easily: You will have the flexibility to switch your portfolio for free or at a nominal cost
  • Tax benefits:Tax benefits under Section 80C benefits are available on all ULIP investments