Rural Insurance

Our micro- insurance services are driven by the vision to improve the quality of life of the Indian farmer. Rather than merely downscaling existing products, we have leveraged our experience to offer a product basket designed specifically for the agricultural sector. The protection provided to the rural class is specified and customized according to their needs. Through a multiple channel system we not only provide agricultural protection but also health, motor and other covers.

Products offered :

  • Kisan Suvidha Bima: The Policy has been drafted with the aim of offering a single Package Policy to farmers and rural householders principally involved in agriculture, so that under one cover, they can have comprehensive insurance protection for their entire assets and interests, including risks of Personal Accident and Critical Illness for self and family members
  • Tractor Insurance: Tractors are one of the most precious assets to the rural folks. Our comprehensive package policy covers not just own damage but also third party liability and personal accident.
  • Weather Insurance: Weather Insurance is an insurance cover against losses incurred due to uncertainties in climatic conditions. It can be used to hedge any vulnerability of assets or any other damage incurred due to erratic and irregular weather.
  • Jan Kalyan Bima : The policy has been devised with the aim of providing a comprehensive cover for all the needs of farmers - marginal and small, labor class and rural households principally involved in agriculture and allied activities and people engaged in unorganized sectors of urban economy, so that a comprehensive protection for all the perils, this class is exposed to can be provided.
  • Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana: With small farmers generating nearly half of their income from livestock, and the value of cattle representing a substantial percentage of the farmer’s wealth, the death of cattle poses a considerable risk and affects the farmer’s net worth and income. To protect farmers from this loss , we offer a unique cattle insurance policy”Pashu Dhan Bima Yojna”.