NRI Corner

If you believe in India’s growth story and planning to invest in your homeland, but as a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) want to include the assets you build in India in your overall portfolio...

...We are here to help you.

We have a successful track record of serving clients in India across various asset classes ranging from : mutual funds,insurance,fixed income, equities, money market funds and real estate. We have extended this experience to International Investors who are keen to participate in ‘India growth story’ and generate substantial returns over a medium to long term horizon.

For NRIs, including investment option in India is an effective way of their asset allocation strategy. A lot of NRIs, especially those who plan to come back to India at some point, park their surplus in Indian bank fixed deposits (FDs), gold and even equity. As of June 2013, total NRI bank deposits were worth around $71,000 million (approximately Rs.4.33 trillion).

Given the high rate of return that India offers and the potential of high return from Indian equity and real estate, it would work for you to include these investments in your overall asset allocation. For example, in China, one-year bank deposit rates are around 3-3.5% and in Hong Kong and Singapore, similar bank deposit rates are even lower at around 1% per annum (both in local currency terms); in India non-resident external and non-resident ordinary accounts offer around 7.5-8.5% per annum.

Taking care of the needs of our customers, Integrity Advisory provides customized products and services to NRI customers:

Why Choose Integrity

This division of Integrity Advisory is exclusively for our esteemed NRI clients, offering customised investment solutions built on

After fully understanding your particular needs, we will suggest asset allocation palns taking into account your goals, time horizon, risk profile and investment outlook. Using a research-based strategy, we help you invest in quality products & solutions

Benefits for Non Resident Indian investors:-

  • Taxation policy in India post 2000 has been changed to favor NRI to invest in India.
  • Provisions are made under various routes so as to pave way for foreign investors in India.
  • Loans are provided to NRI against deposit schemes to construct homes in India.
  • With advancement in technology, mode of transaction has leaped a step ahead through demat accounts, internet banking facility etc.