Gold Fund

World over, Gold is a subject of economic interest and is viewed as an avenue for investments. But in India, it has a deeper significance as it appeals to a number of emotions, from a form of adornment to a status symbol

In India, Gold is acquired continuously over the years and Indian customs demand buying gold for special occasions like weddings, births, birthdays’ and to celebrate variou festivals, Gold always gives a sense of security and is a last resort for a family to part with it at the time of financial crisis. Gold has and will be helpful in protecting life’s golden moments.

Through the years gold's appeal in India has evolved from an object of pure aesthetic value to a commodity which offers itself as an avenue for investment and wealth creation

Why invest in Gold Funds

  • Gold has consistently beaten the inflation rate over the past 15 years
  • Gold is seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty
  • Gold shows its best performance during periods of volatility / underperformance of stocks
  • Gold is not just a commodity but a currency as it protects value of money during times when currency depreciates
  • Demand for Gold is strong yet supply is constrained as mining production has dropped

Gold Fund – A smarter way to invest

Investing in gold means large sums of money. But in Gold Fund ,an investor can invest in a disciplined manner with SIP amounts as small as Rs 1000 or if you so desire you can invest one time lump sum amounts starting from Rs 5000.

Key Features

  • Protects against inflation
  • Allows you to take advantage of Gold as an investment opportunity
  • Investors bear no risk of storage and safekeeping of gold
  • Systematically invest in gold each month through SIPs
  • Buy gold in amounts as small as Rs 1000 without having to worry about purity
  • No demat account required
  • Buy/sell units of Axis Gold Fund on any business day at NAV based prices
  • No storage charges , no making charges, no safe-keeping worries